Check Out Our Brand New Kitchen Accessories

Check Out Our Brand New Kitchen Accessories

In case you didn't hear, we recently launched two new kitchen accessories! Both of these products will protect you in the kitchen and look stylish while doing so.

Handmade from 100% USA leather, our Premium Leather Oven Mitts are the perfect addition to any kitchen. The creamy leather is smooth to the touch and will patina beautifully with age. They are lined with a heat-resistant lining, allowing them to withstand temperatures as high as 450° F. These mitts were also recently featured on Real Simple!

Back and better than ever, our 100% Premium Suede Trivets are an elegant and upscale alternative to traditional kitchen mitts and hot plates. Our trivets offer heat resistant protection for tables and surfaces and can serve double duty as potholders to move around hot dishes. These trivets are handmade in Mexico and available in five luxurious colors, sure to match any kitchen decor.

What is your favorite leather/suede kitchen accessory?

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