Simple Towel DIYS

Simple Towel DIYS

When it’s time to invest in a set of new towels, what do you do with your old ones? Instead of throwing them out, we encourage you to reuse and repurpose them! You can create so many different things out of your old towels.

Washcloths/Rags — This one is pretty common, but consider turning your old towels into washcloths or kitchen rags. This gives the towel a second life and saves you money.

Dog Toys — Simply cut strips of three from your old towel, braid them together, tie them off on the ends and voila, you have a fun and functional toy for your dog!

Braided Rugs/Bath Mats — There are so many DIYs out there where you can learn how to turn scraps of fabric, like your old towels, into gorgeous braided rugs. You get to reuse your towels and create something awesome with them. It’s a win-win.


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