Three Uses for Pot Holders

Three Uses for Pot Holders


We recently launched a Made in the USA 100% Cotton Kitchen Collection and have been getting rave reviews! Between our kitchen/dish towels, our napkins, and our pot holders and oven mitts, customers have been loving every product. Specifically, the versatility of the products!

Take our Pot Holders, for example. With your choice of Round or Square, these pot holders have many functions. Here are three of our most practical uses for them:

  1. As a Pot Holder, of course! If you’re pulling a hot dish out of the oven, grab this handy tool and your hands will be protected from the heat.
  2. As a Hot Pad. Simply place the pot holder on your countertop and it works as a trivet for hot dishes, coffee pots, or cast iron pans. Plus, it protects your tables from scratches and burns.
  3. As a Kitchen Decoration. We happen to think our pot holders are adorable. They each have a loop on them, so you can hang them up on a hook to give your kitchen that extra special touch.

What’s your favorite use for a pot holder? Leave a comment below.

Check out the entire Kitchen Collection here.

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