What Are The Best Quality Candles? Tips To Becoming A Candle Burning Expert

What Are The Best Quality Candles? Tips To Becoming A Candle Burning Expert

There are many, many candles on the market, it can get overwhelming! When shopping for a candle, there are so many options and possibilities - from size to scent to shape - that we thought we would come up with a guide to help you choose the highest quality candle for your price point! 

Candles are the best gift for any occasion. Everyone loves them and they’re always a thoughtful and appropriate choice. So, once you’ve decided you want to get someone a candle, how do you know which one’s the right choice? Follow these steps below to ENSURE you’re choosing the perfect candle. 

  1. High Quality Wax. A great candle, no matter how big or small, is always crafted from high quality wax. The best wax is soy or beeswax. Both soy and beeswax are high quality and burn the cleanest (without that pesky soot).
  2. A Good Wick. Candles that have small and thin wicks often burn out easier than candles that have a thicker and more noticeable wick. Keep your eyes peeled in pictures of the candle (or inspect it in person) to make sure you can see the wick.
  3. A Long Burn Time. This is usually written in the description of the candle (or someone at the store can tell you). Most candles with longer burn times (usually 100 hours is pretty good) are of higher quality. If a company doesn’t say how long their burn time is, or if they don’t know, the candle is not likely as high quality as you can get. Also - it’s the worst feeling to get a candle and have it burn out in a matter of days!
  4. Candle Melts Evenly. When you light a candle, if only the center of the surface (right below the flame) has melted, it is not a very high quality candle. High quality candles, that are made from 100% soy or beeswax, melt consistently. This means that the entire surface of the candle melts together, evenly.
  5. Candle is in Glass or a Heat Resistant Container. Nice, high quality candles usually come in a glass container (or a similar heat resistant container). This is because, while glass itself is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye, glass also protects hands from the heat of the flame. Glass is, by nature, a heat resistant material, and when a glass candle is lit, the glass outside should be fine to touch (please be very careful when handling a burning candle). 

These tips and tricks are designed to help you choose a candle that is high quality and long lasting. Check out our new Made in the USA Candles here. 100% soy wax (and they fulfill every step above!). 


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