Silk by TBG: Custom Monogrammed Silk Pillowcases - 22 momme (Free Monogramming)

  • $65.00

Your beauty sleep awaits you...elevate your bedroom experience with our newest line of soft and luxurious silk pillowcases. We have spent a lot of time identifying and sourcing the best in class silk, and have finally found what we were looking for. Silk by TBG is crafted from the highest quality 22 momme silk on the market that is sure to add a beautiful and plush aesthetic to any bedroom, as well as enhance and enrich your nightly beauty sleep.

Beauty Benefits of Silk 

Silk pillowcases have an array of beauty benefits, all the way from anti-aging qualities and skin care cleanliness to hair-care health. Silk pillowcases can help decrease facial wrinkles and help your skin maintain its natural moisture. Silk pillowcases are also known for helping to decrease dry skin and curb acne. Silk pillowcases also have many hair benefits from improving frizzy hair to protecting your hair from split ends. As silk is softer than cotton or other materials, silk pillowcases cause less friction on your hair and can help prevent long term damage and pesky crimps. Our silk pillowcases also feel cool to the touch and are ideal for helping your body stay at a comfortable, regulated temperature during the night.

Why Silk by TBG?

While many companies cut costs by using a zipper closure to save on material, our luxurious and premium silk pillowcases feature a standard envelope closure to ensure your bed is as cloud-like as possible. You'll never have to lay on a hard zipper again! All of our silk pillowcases are crafted from 22 momme, and many other companies use thinner, less expensive silk to make their pillowcases.

Silk by TBG Pillowcases are available in three classic color lines: Charcoal, Champagne, and Classic White. Our silk pillowcases are available in standard and king size. All pillowcases are sold individually. Non-monogrammed pillowcases are also available for purchase - please email

Please allow for 10-14 days on all monogrammed orders.


Dimensions (W x L)


20" x 30"

King 20" x 40"

Return Policy

We want to make sure that you are happy with your pillowcases! For monogrammed pillowcases, given the fact that we custom personalize each pillowcase, they are not eligible for our regular return policy and are non-refundable. However, if your pillowcase is damaged or defective, we are happy to take it back. Please allow for 10-14 days for processing time on monogrammed orders. Non-monogrammed pillowcases qualify for our regular return policy.

If you have any problems, email us right away at so we can make it right!